Lobster Runners


DMG Trap runners are produced from the same specie as our "Naval Deck" decking and timbers. Supported by intensive research

by the United States Forest Service and and U.S Navy DMG runners resist abrasion and attack by marine borers. Standard and custom sizes are available. Contact one of our outstanding dealers between Rhode and Island and Nova Scotia for pricing and availability.

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lobster trap


Last year I put over 700 of them and had two that broke during the course of the year. They have not shown any wear or worm holes. Overall I am very happy with them and will definitely keep using them
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Zach Donnell
I have been a full time Lobsterman for 37 years. I live on the island of Frenchboro, Maine... The bottom around Frenchboro is very jagged and rocky. Sliders especially take a beating due to the extreme tides and ocean surge. I 100% endorse these jungle wood sliders and have over 800 traps with sliders to back it up!
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Jay Fiandaca