History / About us

DMG started selling lobster traps wood runners back in 2013. The wood used for those runners had to be able to resist to a very extreme environment in the ocean and to be extremely resistant to marine borers. After many trips to South America, Marty & Dale - the 2 cofounders of DMG - found the perfect wood (Angelique) and introduced it to the lobster fisherman along the coat of Maine. It was an immediate success.

From there, the logical step was to introduce the same wood to the decking market. "If the wood is good enough to be used on the bottom of the ocean it surely can stand as decking to the roughest element nature can throw at it."

DMG trademarked it as "Naval Deck," because of the wood history during World War II where it was used extensively by the US Navy on Aircraft Carriers and Cruisers such as the famous USS Missouri.

Recently Jacques joined the team and brought his wood expertise to DMG. Marty and Jacques have a combined wood experience of over 80 years. Having both traveled extensively through the world from the jungles of South East Asia, West Africa, South America and the Northern Woods of Siberia. They have developed a thorough knowledge of both domestic and tropical hardwoods.